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Our members may be in different stages of their lives but the flexibility and simplicity of our program works for all of them. That's the beauty of Weight Watchers!

"WW Freestyle has been a game changer."

Julie Collie

Lifetime Member

Lost 94 lbs

 What motivated you to join Weight Watchers?

“TIRED OF BEING TIRED!“ Literally! I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. Icouldn’t walk down the street, for no more than 10 minutes without gasping for breath. I also paid attention to Weight Watchers commercials. I admit, I tried some of those fad diets. I would lose 6 - 7 lbs. and put the weight right back on. For me they were not encouraging or exciting and they weren’t engaging enough for me. So, when the Weight Watchers program came to my job, I thought to myself, “ Nothing tries but a failure”. 

Sonya Alvino

Lost 36 lbs

"My Weight Watchers journey has been about so much more than navigating the boundaries of portion control, or food choices, or exercise routines, for me, this has been a journey of self discovery and an introduction to a territory new – the territory that is me, the person that makes Sonya…the challenges, cycles, traits and habits that have brought me this far in life and which may need to change to take me further.

I re-joined WW on April 1st, 2017 (April Fools Day – no joke!) and had reached my goal weight by November 1st, 2017."

See how Sonya did it!

Tracey Grey

Lifetime Member

Lost 35 lbs

September 2015 proved my endurance as I received the keys to Weight Watchers as an indication of attaining and maintaining my weight loss goal.  I finally became a lifetime member having lost a total of 35 pounds.  I started my journey at a whopping 192 pounds.  I am now healthier, happier, more confident, and bursting with energy.  Overall feel really great about myself!

Olivia McLean


Lost 44 lbs

On April 17, 2016, I celebrated twenty years (20) as a Weight Watchers Lifetime member having lost more than 44 pounds. Maintenance has not been a breeze but having the latest programs from credentialed scientists who listen to real members helps. Our plans allow us so many choices and options that long-term success can be had. So I encourage us all to embrace the opportunity to live healthy lives, look better and feel better. 

My starting weight was 189 lbs. in October of 2015 and to date I have lost a total of 33lbs. and counting. Being at a different place in my life now than when I first joined, I can appreciate more about WW that I wasn’t able to before. 

Odia Richardson

WW Member

Lost 44 lbs

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