Julie Collie

Lifetime Member

Lost 94 lbs

What was your first experience with Weight Watchers?

I attended Weight Watchers meetings at the Atlantis At Work Program about 14 years ago. It was very convenient because the service came to me. Being on the program with co-workers, I always surrounded with camaraderie, which was exciting, encouraging and dynamic! We exchanged our successes along the way and always looked forward to the next week. 

Back then I lost 22 lbs. (which I never put back on by the way!) and my first week lost 6 lbs. I remember that moment so vividly like it was just yesterday.

What motivated you to join Weight Watchers?

“TIRED OF BEING TIRED!“ Literally! I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. I couldn’t walk down the street, no more than 10 minutes without gasping for breath. I also paid attention to Weight Watchers commercials. I admit I tried some of those fad diets. I would lose 6 - 7 lbs. and put the weight right back on. For me, they were not encouraging or exciting and they weren’t engaging enough for me. So, when the Weight Watchers program came to my job, I thought to myself, “ Nothing tries but a failure”.


What made it possible for you to continue the program after the first week?


“Seeing the pounds come off of course! The program doesn’t stop us from eating anything, so I never felt deprived. It just teaches one how to eat and to be conscious of how much we are taking in. I prepared my own food for an entire year. If I worked morning shifts, I would prepare and take my breakfast and lunch with me.


If I worked afternoon shifts, I would take dinner. I know what in my food because I prepared it. I enjoy preparing my food because I prepare it with love - and mushrooms! I love mushrooms! Mushrooms are definitely a part of me. I would put mushrooms in almost everything except for oatmeal! Preparing my meals allows me to take control of what I am putting in my food at all times.


Initially, I was never the biggest fan of fruits, most fruits really, but now I love my fruits. I love having my pineapples and mangoes and most of all I love the fact that they are all 0 Smart Points TM! I love to make filling breakfast sandwiches, with 3 egg whites, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, between two slices of toast and that can carry me through the day, at least until noon or so with a small cup of tea or coffee. I’m a coffee girl-I love my coffee. I also like my sugar, but I would reduce the amount of sugar and use creamer, but still, it’s the amount I use. Then after I would have a piece of fruit to go along with my breakfast. For lunch, I may have a salad or tuna, a piece of the chicken breast it depends, but like I mentioned I would prepare my meals and it makes it easier for me to stay in control and I am always prepared.


Did you have challenges along the way?


Yes I had challenges! My most challenging periods were mainly holidays celebrations and some functions where there was food that you would be tempted to taste. One aspect that I like most about the program, you may fall off track one week, but it is easy for you to get back on track, especially when you attend meetings you can sit with my group leader and they would help you to get back on track, see where I fell short. Most times, you know where you went wrong but just having that support makes it easier.


What have you learned about special occasion celebrations that you have made it a part of your lifestyle?


Eat before going on special occasions! That way I can taste food rather than overdo it. Most times when I have cravings all I need is just a taste, that way it helps to “take the craving from my tongue. “


Had you experienced any setbacks in which you felt like giving up?

No. I haven’t. Though this journey, I have always been determined and even now, with the amount of weight that I have lost, I am happy with my results and the size I am.

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