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Lost 44+ lbs

Olivia says:


I was first introduced to the Weight Watchers program many years ago at the Dowdeswell Street location under the leadership of Lydia Ferguson. My sister Esther Blair and I joined at the same time as we had done most things together since childhood. We were already involved in fitness through membership in local gyms and informal running clubs, so it was natural to add the nutritional side to what we were doing. Joining the program was a way to learn a sensible approach to manage the way we ate and the journey continued from there. Even to this day Esther still calls to find out what I ate and how active I was, so it pays to have a buddy on this journey.


Upon embarking my journey to lose weight, I encountered some smooth sailings, some turbulence, definitely some highs and lows, many challenges, de-motivating days and wanting to give up.  Weight Watchers, however, taught me to find that inner strength to develop positive life-changing choices, habits, to believe in myself, and stick to the plan.  Additionally, attending Weight Watchers meetings with a supportive leader, the coaching and the group support aided in my pursuit of goal weight.


Attending meetings was fun as I met so many people who I still remember to this day. It did not take me long to want to become more involved in helping other members succeed as well so I joined the staff of Weight Watchers as a receptionist.

Having attended as a member under the direction of leaders like (Lydia Ferguson, the Area Director and Founder of Weight Watchers Bahamas) Joan Gibson, Carmen Dawkins and Pearl Bullard I was inspired to be a leader too. The experience has been very rewarding and it is always humbling to know the impact made on so many members’ lives.

My longevity as a leader comes from a sincere desire to help others through the many innovative programs rolled out by Weight Watchers International over the years. It gives me great pleasure to introduce new members to the program and then guide and encourage them to successful weight loss and maintenance. We're here to help our members every step of the way.


On April 17, 2016, I celebrated twenty years (20) as a Weight Watchers Lifetime member having lost more than 44 pounds. Maintenance has not been a breeze but having the latest programs from credentialed scientists who listen to real members helps. Our plans allow us so many choices and options that long-term success can be had. So I encourage us all to embrace the opportunity to live healthy lives, look better and feel better. If we want it enough we will do what it takes to get it so like Nike says “just do it.”

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