Ed and Elsie Smith

Lost over 100 lbs together

There are times when a person is successful and become complacent and forsake to do the things that brought about the success. This was the case with Dena and I; we discontinued doing the things we had done to lose the weight and throughout the next eleven years, we had regained the weight and were in and out of Weight Watchers. We returned because we knew that the programme worked. The lack of success we were then having was due to us not working with the programme. Our commitment and dedication were lacking.

In August 2016, Dena and I joined Weightwatchers again and we vowed to achieve success. We still had challenges to our health.  Although I had vowed to obtain success, I found myself not being as committed as I should. However, on the other hand, Dena was as committed as anyone could be and I took note that she was losing the weight and getting healthier right before my eyes. This inspired me more, but still, I wasn't committed to doing what was required. 


In July 2017, it clicked for me. Dena was nearing her Goal Weight and knocking on the door of becoming a Lifetime Member of Weightwatchers. I still had challenges with my health and determined that I would be committed to the programme and lose the weight. I was very inspired by my Leader during a meeting in which she challenged members to lose 30 lbs for Weightwatchers 30th Anniversary celebration in The Bahamas in 2018. Additionally, I thought about the celebration of my 60th Birthday in 2018 and decided that I was going 60 lbs loss for my 60th Birthday. I made a public declaration with my colleagues at work and with fellow members of Weightwatchers and asked that they hold me accountable. The motivation was stirred mightily and Dena and I returned to our morning physical fitness of walking and jogging at 4:00 a.m. for an hour.

The physical activity motivated me more to eat healthier, be more aware of portion sizes, check for the point values of the food prior to taking a decision whether to indulge or not and to cook meals more at home rather than purchasing food from restaurants. Dena and I supported each other. If I ventured to go contrary, she reminded me of my commitment and that assisted me in staying true to the programme. In October 2017, Dena had lost a whopping 72 lbs and became a Lifetime Member of Weightwatchers. I have lost 41 lbs to date and I am highly motivated to continue my weight loss, become a Lifetime Member like Dena and also become a Weightwatchers Leader to help others live healthy lifestyles.

The four pillars of the Weightwatchers programme (Food, Exercise, Behaviour, and Support) continue to inspire me. I love the freedom it provides. I am not forbidden from eating any food. I have been provided with the education necessary to make the right food choices, the healthier food choices, and this I do daily.

My name is Edward Ronald Smith and I am called Ed for short. My wife is Elsie Claiudina Smith and she is called Dena. We were in an out of Weight Watchers from the year 2005. Health challenges and a strong recommendation from our Physician drove us to join Weightwatchers in 2005. We discovered that the programme worked and within a year I had lost 84 lbs and Dena had lost 56 lbs. We were healthy and enjoying life.

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